Welcome to C.Dinesh & Co. Pvt.ltd. Established by Chinubhai Doshi & Dineshbhai Shah

  • 1976

    The Beginnings

    Welcome to C.Dinesh & Co. Pvt.ltd. Established by Chinubhai Doshi & Dineshbhai Shah in 1976, the company has been committed to produce some of the finest quality of diamonds that symbolizes beauty and brilliance

    C.Dinesh & Co. Pvt ltd. have offices in Surat, Mumbai, New York, Antwerp and Hong Kong.

    Certified Member of the Responsible Jewelry Council and an Auditing Company.

    An industry leader in the fields of diamond manufacturing, importing, exporting and reselling.

    We have our own USA office, so that we can reach out to our customers better.

    Aims to offer finest diamonds having high level of cut, polish and symmetry.

    Aspires to become world leaders in solitaires with premium services to its customers.

    Offering highest level satisfaction to the customers by being transparent, consistent and committed.

  • Human Resources

    Has a staff strength of around 600 employees.

    Offers immense benefits for the employees so that they can enjoy their work.

    Regular Medical check-ups of the employees are carried out to ensure their good health .

    Ready-at-hand trained staff for applying first-aid in case of sudden accidents.

    Employees get all sorts of facilities apart from salary, like good incentives and pension after retirement .

    All employees are provided with direct communication so that they can reach home unhurt and safe

  • Ability

    Our Product

    Manufacturers of large high end premium diamonds.

    Diamonds available in a variety of shapes – Heart, Marquise, Trilliant, Pear, Oval, Cushion, Princess, Radiant, Asscher, Round and Emerald.

    Size varies from 0.02 to 5 carat.

    Color ranges from D to K.

    Diamond clarity varies in between IF to I3.

  • Manufacturing

    World-class manufacturers of quality diamonds, following the tenets of Demand driven manufacturing.

    Has their own Jewelry Factory which is equipped with world-class machinery.

    Monthly productions are of the range of 1500 stones.

    Prefers maximum involvement of Information Technology in the manufacturing process, thus using latest equipments which are eco-friendly .

    Certified under Gujarat State Pollution Control Board.

    Ensures proper safety of employees as per the rules under Responsible Jewelry Council – Fire Safety and Emergency Exit

  • Premium Search

    Customers get the option for making their choices online by visiting. www.cdinesh.com

    User-friendly technology involved in designing website which makes searches easier .

    New stock search is also available online .

    Basing their searches of specific parameters, the search can be narrowed down as the website features full range of diamonds available Customer has the option of adding the products in their carts and searching by certificate no and packet.

    We have a real inventory of over 6000 stones.

  • Our Guidelines

    We all know. Diamonds are always special and they last for lifetime. Also for business point of view C.Dinesh & Co. Pvt. ltd. believes that every clients have a personal and sentimental attachment to the diamonds that they dealing very consciously therefore it are important that our clients know more about how to deal with the right diamond.

  • Grading System

    We follow our very own grading system, putting only efficient employees in their correct grades .

    Training of employees done keeping in mind the grading system .

    Employees are put into separate posts and they are trained for that. This makes sure that regular day-to-day functioning is smooth and trouble-free .

  • Pricing

    Rational pricing of diamonds based on their grades and quality of cuts and polishes

    Prices dependent on the four Cs.

    Polish, Fluorescence, Symmetry, Inclusion and Luster taken into consideration while fixing prices.

    Logical price derivation method followed to offer the right price to the customers .

  • Grading Report

    Grading reports based on standards set by Gemological Institute of America, International Gemological Institute and others global institutions.

  • Benefits

    We are into Demand Driven Manufacturing which means we keep close watch on the trends and demand patterns in the market. So, any fluctuation in the buying patterns is immediately responded by our production system to manage the market changes and trends effectively.

    Availability of the highest quality of diamonds.

    Customers offered the facility of Packet per Piece, making it easier for them to choose the right diamond after reading their individual descriptions.

    Orders made from anywhere in the world delivered in the right time.

    Demand Driven Manufacturing ensures proper changes in the trends and market demands.

    Diamonds are checked multiple times with quality checking parameters and systems.

    Rational pricing of diamonds based only on grading and logical price derivation.

  • ADD ON

    Customers provided with high-resolution diamond images which helps them make a better choice.

    Provision of plotting images and ASET Images .

    The Preferred Diamond Selection offers every customer an equal opportunity to view the inventory and make their choice according to their requirements.

    Offers Piece per Packet concept, making it easy for customers to select stones only after reading their individual descriptions.

  • Customer

    Our Service

    C.Dinesh & Co. Pvt ltd. have been into producing the finest quality diamonds for the last 40 years and the company continues to offer that to the customers with the same passion and integrity and ethical business practices.

    Provision of separate room equipped with necessary facilities and with appropriate lighting to show diamonds .

    Customers all across the world are made welcome to buy from the range of exquisitely cut diamonds .